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At The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes, we work hard to break false images of the profession and lance  to parade an atmosphere of integrity and respect for our clients. We have built a strong record over our over 30 years history practicing Car Accident law. Each mediation situation is unique and the number and length of  mediation sessions vary from case to case. At The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes, we have a strong reputation within the Irvine legal community.

Here at The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes, we are devoted to being on your side. For Car Accident cases that can get highly complicated in a short matter of time, allow us to craft an effective defense. Our clients in the Irvine area have seen the compensation that they expected from their Car Accident case due to our services. For our Irvine area clients, we can make sure that you get the results you want. If you or a loved one has had to go through a Car Accident case, we are here to assist you today. 

Insurance companies often like to take advantage of victims’ Car Accident claims. For our clients in the Irvine area, this may make the process even more intimidating. Here at The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes, we know how to deal with these shady dealings, and we will guide you through every step of the Car Accident case process.

As soon as you call The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes we take the time to educate you about your Car Accident rights. After over 30 years of practice, we know it is a good idea to have legal representation in these cases. If you are looking for a way to judge Car Accident attorneys, look to what their opposing counsel says about them. Irvine area defense attorneys respect The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes and know they will face a potent and well crafted Car Accident litigation. Call The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes today using the information below to schedule a consultation:

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