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You wouldn't entrust your medical care with a mechanic in the Orange area, nor would you have your car repaired by a dentist. Likewise, when you decide to hire an attorney for your trucking accident case, you need to choose the one with at least over 30 years of trucking accident legal training. Here at The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes, we know that we can exceed your expectations and provide the results you are looking for. 

If you are involved in an accident near Orange, we are here to help. If you have suffered a painful trucking accident due to someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Insurance companies play a big role in the outcome of your case. When an insurance company is slow to pay a claim in your trucking accident case, it can be very frustrating for the person who has been injured. Trucking accident cases can even go to court over an insurance company refusing to pay a claim. It is important to have the experience of The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes representing your interests now. We will put forth an action plan to your trucking accident case and get you the results you want. 


When you or someone close to you experiences a serious injury in the Orange area, and it is in no way the fault of your own, you have a right to make an official trucking accident claim. The legal team of The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes has helped clients throughout the Orange area get the compensation they need. 

If you have been the victim of a trucking accident you should contact The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes. First, we listen to your situation and  gain a full understanding of your trucking accident case. Second, we match you up with the best council for your particular trucking accident event. Whether you have been involved in an auto accident, a workplace incident or any other type of accident, we at The Law Offices of Nokes & Nokes have the experience and knowledge, to help you. Please contact our trucking accident law firm today at (949) 716-7200, and feel free to visit our offices at 120 Vantis.

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