Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month

This month, we would like to give our praises to loyal chamber member, Nokes & Nokes Law Firm! We spoke with founding partner, Beau Nokes, to learn a little bit more about this firm.

Tell us a little about Nokes Law.

We have been practicing personal injury law for over 30 years and have been located in Aliso Viejo for over eight years.  Shari and I are both rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, have 10/10 ratings on AVVO and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.  Our practice is 100% personal injury, and we handle cases involving defective products, car accidents, dog attacks and premises liability cases.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Shari and I both had extensive experience working with larger law firms before we decided to form our own practice.  While being in a larger law firm allows you to develop certain skills, there are disadvantages as well. We wanted to be able to take care of our clients in a more individual way, so we struck out on our own and made the decision to limit the size of our firm to just the two of us. Running a smaller-sized practice with a lower caseload per attorney gives more individualized attention to our clients.

What is your favorite thing about your line of work?

When people come to us, they are usually in distress.  They have just been injured.  They’re worried about medical bills, insurance coverage, how they’re going to pay their own bills when they can’t make it to work, and how they’re going to get on with their lives.  Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I like it when we can untangle this stuff for people so that they can take care of the important things, like getting better.  We’ve also made some lasting friendships through what we do, and I really like that. You can’t have too many friends.

Why did you choose Aliso Viejo?

We had been in Fashion Island for well over a decade, and we felt it was time to move.  We had looked in Aliso Viejo a couple of years before, and we really loved the location. The views are spectacular, the people are friendly, and it is very easy to open a business here or to relocate one here.

What is your favorite thing about Aliso Viejo?

The answer to this has changed over the years.  My first thought was that we really liked that we could get office space in a building in this beautiful location. The location is also convenient to our home and a lot of the businesses that we frequent.  A nice contrast to Newport Beach is that, as a business, we don’t have to pay an additional tax just for having employees.

When did you join the Chamber? What do you like about it and how has it benefited business?

I joined the Chamber at the same time I became a member of the Board of Directors.  I knew Julie Wright, and I found out that she was starting the organization.  I’ve volunteered and was asked to be on the board. My favorite thing about this Chamber is that is not afraid to do things differently. That makes it a lot more fun.

Our business is one with a fairly strictly defined potential clientele, meaning that a person has to get injured (and it has to be someone else’s fault) before they really need us.  Still, I actually did get retained on a case specifically because of a Chamber connection, which was great.  I think people joining the Chamber should look at it as a long-term project where you are making friends and getting to know people.  The business benefit comes from trust that is built up over time. I have made a lot of great friends through the chamber.  Another benefit I stumbled upon was being able to refer our clients and friends to people we know through the Chamber.  We can make those referrals with confidence because we have become familiar with a number of chamber members over time and we can place trust and confidence in them.

Underride Accidents

Trucking Accident Attorneys California

Every year throughout the state of California there are thousands of motor vehicle accidents on its roads, highway and interstates. Trucking accidents and other large commercial vehicle accidents are different than car accidents in many ways. One primary difference is the type of accidents commonly involving tractor trailers. A rear underride accident is a type of accident only associated with commercial vehicles and tractor trailers.

If you have been injured in a California tractor trailer accident please call The Orange County personal injury lawyers at Nokes & Nokes. They possess many years experience competently handling truck accidents in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino County. Their number one priority will be protecting your rights and getting you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Underride Accidents

An underride truck accident when a car rear ends the back of the tractor trailer. The car, depending on its size, essentially slides underneath the back of the truck. Even at relatively low speeds these types of accidents have an extremely high fatality rate. Even if the driver and passengers survive the crash there will most likely be permanent life altering injuries.

An underride accident in California can be caused by many factors. Most underride accidents can be avoided by paying attention to the road while driving, not following too close behind a truck, allowing for significant braking distance and having a properly maintained vehicle.

Competency In The Courtroom

With many years combined experience handling tractor trailer accident cases in the attorneys at Nokes & Nokes possess the experience and expertise to file your California trucking accident lawsuit. They are skilled California Trial Attorneys and are well equipped to take your case to court, if necessary, to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact A Trucking Accident Lawyer Today

If you, a loved one or family member have been injured in a California tractor trailer accident please call Nokes & Nokes today for a free consultation. With many years experience handling truck accidents in southern California they will do their absolute best to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Override Accidents

Tractor Trailer Override Accident Attorneys

An override trucking accident occurs when the front end of a tractor trailer or large truck crashes into the back end of a car. Because of the height difference, the truck rides over the car or motorcycle in front of it. It is essentially a rear end collision but the consequences can be much worse because of the difference in size and height between the vehicles. Override accidents are very violent trucking crashes and are frequently fatal because of the amount of force exerted upon impact.

If you or a loved one have been hurt, injured or killed in an override truck accident in California, it is in your best interest to contact the California Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers at Nokes & Nokes. With several decades experience helping injury and accident victims in California, they are equipped to competently handle your truck accident lawsuit. As your legal counsel, Nokes & Nokes will make fighting for the benefits and compensation you deserve a number one priority.

Caused Of Override Trucking Accidents

California tractor trailer override accidents can be caused by several factors. Bad weather and slippery or hazardous roads, combined with a driver not compensating for those factors in his or her driving, are common causes of trucking accidents. Other causes are drivers not paying attention to whom or what is in front of them, driving recklessly or having a poorly maintained vehicle. Drivers who drive longer than they are supposed to in an effort to log more hours or arrive at a destination on time also increase the risk of being involved in an override truck accident.

Injuries Caused By Override Truck Accidents

An override commercial vehicle accident can cause serious injuries. Due to the size and weight of a commercial truck, it typically destroys the car it runs over. In an override accident, severe head trauma can result, since the body of the car can go under the front of the truck, causing an impact directly with the upper portion of the passenger compartment. Broken bones, neck and back injuries are also typical in override truck accidents. Rear end trucking accidents can also result in death.

Contact A California Override Truck Accident Attorney

If you, a loved one or family member have been injured in a trucking accident in California, please do not hesitate to contact the personal injury lawyers at Nokes & Nokes. They offer free consultations and charge no fee unless they recover for you.

Retail Store Accidents

Retail Store Accidents Attorney Orange County

Orange County, is a very popular shopping area for out of state tourists as well as California residents. Many even plan entire vacations around Orange County’s many outlet malls, malls and boutique shops in areas like South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum and quaint beach towns like Laguna Beach. For the most part, people do their shopping and return home without any problems. However, sometimes one can be involved in an accident in the store, or on the owner’s property such as in the parking lot. Being hurt or injured while on someone else’s property is a very common type of personal injury law called Premises Liability Law.

California law related to injury in commercial settings such as a grocery stores, malls or shopping centers provides that a possessor of property who invites others onto his property to conduct business must exercise due care to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition and to remedy unreasonably dangerous conditions which are known, or with the exercise of reasonable care should have been known. California personal injury and accident law also requires that a landowner warn of any unreasonable risks which are known, or with the exercise of reasonable care should  have been known, and which others would not be expected to discover.

Legal Obligations Of Owner Or Operator

The owner or those with control of a store, must inspect aisles and shelves within reasonable time periods to be sure the area is safe. Usually the store will have an employee travel up and down the aisles to clean any spill or item which may have fallen. Sometimes, a pallet of food or soda will fall on a customer as he or she passes by. Usually, the store will have a video camera to record such injuries and we can often obtain that video if you contact us very quickly. Grocery stores and other retailers also want you to look at their shelves and their items for sale. They place bright signs and otherwise persuade you to look at the sale sign and not at the floor in front of you.

Sometimes an injury can be the result of an assault in the parking lot where there is no security. If the store knows or should know of a security problem or crime in the area, there may be a duty to provide proper protection to you as their invitee.

Types Of Retail Store Accidents

There are many ways you or a loved one can be injured while in a store or restaurant in California. Typical accidents involve slips, falls, tripping over objects in aisles, being hit by objects falling from shelves, and accidents or assaults in the parking lot.

Establishing Liability In A Retail Store Accident

Regarding retail store accidents, there can be more than one person or entity at fault.It is imperative to look for all parties who may be responsible for your injuries. Property owners, management companies, franchise corporate headquarters, equipment manufacturers and third parties, such as security companies, may also be held accountable for your injuries. A skilled Orange County Accident Attorney can help you determine who may ultimately be responsible for your injuries.

Contact A Skilled Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a retail store or restaurant in Orange County it may make sense to consult with a personal injury attorney serving all of Orange County. At Nokes & Nokes we have many years experience with premises liability cases throughout Orange County, California including Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach. Call our office at (949) 716-7200 today. We will do our best to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve for your injuries.

We offer free consultations to personal injury and accident victims meaning we charge no fee unless we recover for you.

Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of another party can have devastating effects. An injury can cause a person to miss work while accumulating lofty medical bills, a combination that causes dire financial stress for the injured person involved. These injuries can be the result of a number of different situations, but if negligence is found to be present, the injured party may be eligible to receive compensation. Some common personal injury cases involve:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Accidents involving a defective product
  • Accidents involving improper labeling
  • Pedestrian accidents

While these are just some of the circumstances that can lead to a personal injury case, they are not exclusive and many different scenarios can lead to a person becoming injured due to another party’s negligence. If you have been injured in Orange County, California please do not hesitate to contact an Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer today.

Steps to Reach a Personal Injury Settlement in California

In Irvine California, some steps should be taken to ensure an injured person is able to reach their desired settlement amount. Financial compensation through settlements are often needed to cover the expenses of medical bills and lost wages when an injury is suffered due to another person’s negligence, and these cases should be handled carefully so that a maximum settlement can be obtained to cover these costs. Because these injuries can be so financially devastating to the person hurt, the process of winning a settlement case should be one that is well mapped out and prepared for. It is always recommended that Irvine residents seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in personal injury cases to ensure an injured person is able to truly make the most of their case.

The first step in building a personal injury case, aside from hiring a personal injury lawyer, is clearly identifying the person or people who are at fault. This will be the party that caused the accident, whether it is a property owner, driver, or company that manufactured a faulty product. Next, a person will outline their specific injuries and how they may affect their future quality of life. Some things that should be considered are:

  • Ability to remain employed or obtain employment
  • A mental defect that is a result of the injury
  • The loss of current and future income due to the accident
  • Current and future emotional or mental stresses
  • Future life enjoyment

An injury can affect many aspects of a person’s life depending on the severity, and a person should consider all of the different facets of their life that may be affected by the injury when mapping out a settlement case. An Irvine CA personal injury lawyer can be a great deal of assistance during this portion of the settlement process specifically, as they are well versed in handling such cases and know which aspects of life a person should consider depending on their injury.

Next, the injured party should then calculate their desired settlement amount through careful mathematical work that considers all consequences of the injury. If the injured person is found to be completely not at fault for their situation they will use one of 3 methods in calculating their settlement:

  • Accidents with less severe injuries – Accidents that cause injuries which are less severe will be calculated by multiplying their out of pocket expenses by 1.5, and then adding in their lost wages.
  • Accidents with moderate to severe injuries – If the accident has cause moderate to severe injuries a person will take their out of pocket expenses and multiply them by 5, then add in their current and future lost wages.
  • Accidents resulting in very severe to devastating injuries – For serious accidents that result in very severe to devastating injuries a person will take their current and future medical expenses and multiply them by 10, then add in their current and future lost wages to the result.

The result of these calculations will be a desired settlement amount that covers lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering compensation after an auto accident that is found to be of no fault to the injured party in the state of California.

Irvine CA Personal injury settlements will most likely be given by an insurance company, meaning that insurance claims adjuster negotiations will then take place. The insurance claims adjuster will try to settle for the least possible settlement, and patience is necessary to ensure a fair amount of compensation. The negotiations process can last for any amount of time, and often several offers are given by both parties before one is able to be agreed upon. Having an experienced Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer present for these negotiations can ensure that a person receives their maximum settlement amount

The Importance of Retaining An Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer

Because personal injury cases are determined on a case by case basis, it is important that any person who was injured in an accident has a personal injury lawyer present for all steps in the settlement process. A personal injury lawyer is an expert on personal injury laws, and all California residents who find themselves in such a situation can benefit from their presence on a case. They can help to evaluate the individual situation at hand, assist an injured person in calculating their desired compensation settlement, and handle the negotiations process. It has been shown that an insurance claims adjuster is more likely to settle for a higher negotiation offer if the presence of an attorney exists on a case. Laws revolving around personal injury cases in California are often somewhat complex, and the best understanding will come from a professional.

Contact an Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer at Nokes & Nokes today to arrange a free consultation and get the benefits and financial compensation you deserve.

Orange County Car Accident Explosions

Car Accident Explosion Lawyers Orange County California

Often times in an auto accident, the injuries sustained can be debilitating, or lethal, even at lower speeds. A car accident that occurs at a low speed but can induce life threatening or deadly injuries is an explosion or car fire following the accident. You may very well be entitled to benefits and financial compensation from multiple sources in the event your car exploded or caught fire following the accident.

Causes Of Car Accident Explosions And Fires

A very common cause of a car accident fire or exploding car accident in Orange County occurs when metal, shrapnel or debris punctures the gas tank. If the gas tank is punctured in an auto accident, the odds of a fire or explosion increase immensely. On some model automobiles the gas tank can be poorly situated and this design flaw can end in an Orange County Car Fire Accident.

Injuries Suffered In An Exploding Car Accident

Burn injuries, skin injuries, scarring and disfigurement are typical in a car fire accident. There is the risk of being trapped in the car while the fire burns and possibly causes an explosion. These are the main variation in an exploding car accident compared to a more conventional automobile accident. Any type of car crash can induce injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, back and neck injuries as well as accidental death.

Recovering Physically After The Accident

Burn injuries can take substantially longer to recover from compared to other types of injuries. Severe burn injuries can require multiple corrective surgeries, long term rehabilitation and life skills training. These alone can ruin you financially. Retaining an Irvine Car Accident Explosion Lawyer will ensure you get what you are entitled to for any compensable injuries.

Why is it a good idea to have medical payment insurance on your auto policy?

When you’ve been in a car accident, particularly if it was anything other than minor, you may find yourself experiencing an expensive ambulance trip followed by an expensive emergency room visit. If you don’t have health insurance, these bills can throw you for a loop. Even if you do have health insurance, your insurance may not cover anything until you have met your deductible, which can mean that you have to spend thousands of your own dollars on medical bills before your health insurance pays for anything. Many health insurance policies also cover only a percentage of some medical bills, so auto med pay coverage can really help.

An ambulance trip alone can cost more than $1,000.00, and an emergency room visit can cost much more – especially if the doctor orders any diagnostic studies such as MRIs or CT scans. The hospital will bill for the emergency room. The emergency room doctor usually has a separate bill, and the radiologist who looks at your x-rays or MRIs has yet another bill.

Auto med pay coverage will allow you to be sure that these bills will get paid if you don’t have health insurance or if your health insurance, for any reason, doesn’t cover or pay them. This can protect your good credit as well as your peace of mind.

But what if the accident wasn’t your fault and you are going to look to the other party (or the other party’s insurance) to pay your bills? First, there’s no guarantee that the other party has insurance, even though the law requires it. Second, even if the other party has insurance, his or her insurance company generally will not pay your bills unless and until you settle your entire bodily injury claim with them. In most cases, you won’t want to settle right away because you may need more medical treatment and you may not yet know how serious your injuries are, how much work you’ll have to miss or how long it will take you to get better.

If you were hurt and you make a bodily injury claim against the person who hurt you, your auto med pay coverage can benefit you even more. Under almost every auto med pay policy available in California, when an automobile insurer makes payments under medical payment coverage, it is “reimbursable,” meaning that if you make a bodily injury claim against a person who hurts you and you received money on that claim, you have to pay back what your insurer paid you in medical payments benefits. That is because, if you did it right, you collected your medical bills as a part of your bodily injury claim. (This is where I tell you that it is always a good idea to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney before you talk to the other side when you’ve been hurt in an accident.) When you’ve hired an attorney on a contingent fee basis, however, you don’t have to pay back all of the medical payments benefits your carrier paid, which means you will get to keep more money from your claim. Your auto med pay carrier must reduce its reimbursement by whatever percentage you paid your attorney. This is so that you don’t wind up paying attorneys’ fees to recover money for your insurer. It sounds confusing, but here’s how the math would work (the numbers below are hypothetical and aren’t meant to represent the value or results of a particular case):

SCENARIO 1 (you don’t have med pay coverage, you hired an attorney for 35% contingent fee, you have $4,000.00 in bills you have to pay out-of-pocket.)

Settlement: $10,000.00
Less attorneys’ fees: <$3,500.00>
NET: $6,500.00
Less medical bills you have to pay: <$4,000.00>
NET TO YOU: $2,500.00

SCENARIO 2 (you have med pay coverage, hired an attorney for 35% contingent fee, med pay pays $4,000 in benefits.)

Settlement: $10,000.00
Less attorneys’ fees: <$3,500.00>
NET: $6,500.00
Less medical bills: <$4,000.00>
NET: $2,500.00
Plus auto med pay benefits
paid by your insurer: $4,000.00
NET: $6,500.00
Less your auto med pay
repayment ($4,000 less 35%): $2,600.00
NET TO YOU: $3,900.00

You netted an additional $1,400.00 because you had auto med pay coverage.

Of course, if you didn’t bring a bodily injury claim either because the accident was your fault or you just chose not to do so, you do not have to pay your insurer back anything at all and you have protected yourself from the out-of-pocket bills you otherwise would have had to pay.

The bottom line is that auto med pay coverage can offer you important additional protection, and the additional premium is generally not that high. I don’t sell insurance. In fact, I make my living trying to recover damages for my clients from insurance companies who aren’t particularly eager to pay. Still, auto med pay can be very useful. Along with uninsured motorist coverage (which is another subject I will address) it offers protection you should not do without if you’re driving a car.

SUV Rollover Accidents

Frequently, when an car, truck or SUV rolls over during an accident it can be attributed to a vehicle design flaw. This is common in SUV Side Impact Collisions. SUV’s commonly rollover due to their high center of gravity. Due to the severe amount of force exerted at impact these types of accidents can induce serious and sometimes fatal injuries on the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Consulting with an SUV Rollover Law Firm if you have been injured in an SUV Rollover Accident.

SUV Rollover Accident Causes

A well designed car or automobile can just as easily be rolled over during an accident as a poorly designed vehicle. Speed, momentum and inertia upon impact are typically the most common causes of automobile rollover crashes. Various causes of vehicle rollover accidents are:

  • Defective Vehicle Designs
  • Tire Blowout Accidents
  • Speed Upon Impact
  • Being Hit By Vehicle Larger That Yours

If you have been injured in an SUV accident in Orange County, California call The Law Office of Nokes & Nokes at (949) 716-7200.

You can also email the firm here.