Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers

An injury, or injuries, suffered due to a car accident, animal attack, trucking accident or medical malpractice accident will disrupt every aspect of your life. Your life may not be the same as it was in terms of quality and richness after the accident. You may not be able to work, you may have insufferable pain, endless medical issues as well as emotional trauma. With so much being changed due to being injured by another’s carelessness or negligence, hiring a personal injury lawyer should be a top priority after gaining medical attention. Make sure you take the time to research all your options to ensure you find the best lawyer for your case as you consider the Orange County personal injury lawyer who you will trust your case with.

Please contact the Orange County personal injury lawyers at Nokes & Nokes in Aliso Viejo, CA. We serve the entire county including Fullerton, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach and South County. We also offer free consultations and charge no fee unless we recover for you. With many years experience handling accident and personal injury claims in California we have many satisfied clients who we have obtained very favorable results for.

Types of Cases We Handle

The Orange County personal injury lawyers at Nokes & Nokes routinely handle all types of catastrophic and serious injury claims including:

All types of car, motorcycle and trucking accidents

Animal attacks

Bone injuries

Central nervous system injuries (brain and spinal cord injuries)

Head injuries such as contusions and concussions

Medical malpractice

Musculoskeletal injuries

Soft tissue and connective tissue injuries

Wrongful death

Contrary to popular belief, the number of Orange County personal injury lawsuits has fallen over the last few years. The trend is statewide. According to the California Judicial Council, the number of personal injury lawsuits seeking damages of $25,000.00 or more arising from motor vehicle accidents dropped from 91,000 in 1988-1989 to just over 42,000 a decade later. Citing more than 240,000 yearly hospitalizations due to injury, the California Department of Health’s Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch reports that “injury is the number one killer and disabler of persons aged 1 to 44.”  Furthermore, 17,000 deaths occur annually in California due to injury. It is important to hire a personal injury attorney with a good reputation and a tireless commitment to handling your case through trial or settlement.

When hiring an injury lawyer, look for an attorney with a good reputation among those you know and trust. Take the time to meet with the lawyers you are considering, and learn about their backgrounds and the tenure of their law firms. As you try to find the right law firm or personal injury lawyer in Orange County, review the types of cases each typically handles and look for successes with personal injury cases similar to yours. Take note of any significant cases in their portfolios, as well as what their past clients have to say about them.

For the best chance of success in your own personal injury lawsuit, look for Orange County personal injury lawyers who are experienced in litigation, negotiating settlement, lawsuits, and especially cases involving injuries for a successful outcome on your case.

Personal injuries can happen at every turn, from auto crashes to accidental slips and falls. If you or a family member sustains injuries due to carelessness or negligence by another person or company, you are entitled to pursue an Orange County injury lawsuit to seek restitution for your pain and suffering.

The California Department of Public Health, EPIC Branch reports more than 100,000 injuries requiring hospitalization due to unintentional falls in 2006, with an additional 1,739 unintentional falls resulting in death that same year. Another report cites 20,153 hospitalizations for vehicle occupants involved in auto accidents (2007) with an additional 1,277 auto fatalities that year. In Orange County alone, there were 119 such fatalities and 1,531 people were hospitalized for injuries.

Drivers using cell phones create an increased risk of personal injury or serious personal injury to other drivers and pedestrians alike. California recently joined other states prohibiting handheld cell phone use while driving. According to Vehicle Code Division 11, Chapter 12, Article 1, Section 23123: Hand-Held Wireless Telephone: Prohibited Use, “A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone unless that telephone is specifically designed and configured to allow hands-free listening and talking, and is used in that manner while driving.”

Drivers who violate this law may pay between $20 and $50 in fines per vehicle code, but the consequences are much steeper when someone is hurt as a result. A lawyer who practiced personal injury law in Orange County can tell you more.

Personal injury laws in Orange County

Personal injury laws are generally governed by the state code. So while there may be local ordinances involving specific issues, injury law is fairly uniform throughout California. Your Orange County personal injury attorney can leverage existing statutes to work toward a successful settlement.

If you sustain a personal injury, make the search for the best Orange County personal injury law firms your top priority after gaining any needed medical attention. Finding a knowledgeable personal injury law firm with a proven record for success can be invaluable to the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit or claim.

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If you recently suffered a wrongful injury because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you may be able to pursue a claim or take your case to court.  An Orange County injury attorney can guide you through the entire litigation process. The personal injury lawyers at Nokes & Nokes can help you resolve your Orange County injury lawsuit by applying their years of experience and close attention to the details of your case, working toward the settlement you deserve.

Contact Nokes & Nokes for a free consultation. You will not be charged any attorney fees unless we recover damages for you.

Contact Nokes & Nokes for a free case analysis and consultation. You will not be charged any attorneys fees unless we recover damages for you.