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If your baby has been diagnosed with any type of mental disorder, delayed or impaired motor skills or Cerebral Palsy it could very well be the result of medical malpractice or doctor negligence during delivery or following delivery. Most injuries sustained at birth, or during the process of giving birth can result in significant medical, emotional and financial challenges over the course of a lifetime. If your child was injured when he or she was born it needs to be determined who is at fault such as the obstetrician, nurse, physician assistant, pediatrician or other healthcare provider. A skilled Orange County California Attorney can help you.

If your child sustained a birth injury it is in your best interest to consult with a California Birth Injury Lawyer. Call The Law Office of Nokes & Nokes at 949-716-7200. The Law Office of Nokes & Nokes is an experienced California Trial Law Office with many years experience litigating all types of Personal Injury cases Birth Injury cases, Medical Malpractice claim and Accidental Death cases in southern California.

Birth Injury Types

Cerebral Palsy: this is a type of birth injury caused during childbirth. It is a combination of disorders that can ultimately impact a child’s gait, muscle tone, motor skills, coordination and cognitive development. A child diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy will never recover nor will they lead a typical child’s life. Treatment of Cerebral Palsy is a life long ordeal that can cause you, your child and your entire family great stress on several levels such as emotional and financial.

Paralysis: This is defined as an inability to perform voluntary motions and movements due to loss of muscle control. It is the result of an injury involving the Central Nervous System (CNS). There are several forms of paralysis that can be inflicted and the type of paralysis is directly related to what part of the nervous system was injured.

Erb’s Palsy: This type of birth injury is also known as Erbs Paralysis, is a common medical malpractice injury that occurs during childbirth. It involves injury to the brachial plexis and can result in complete or partial paralysis of the baby’s effected shoulder, arm and hand.  If your child suffered Erbs Palsy injuries during childbirth you may be entitled to medical benefits and financial compensation.

Shoulder Dystocia: This is a case where the baby’s shoulder fails to deliver directly following the head during vaginal child birth.  Delivering doctors need to react immediately as this can sometimes lead to infant fatality.  There are procedures in place when shoulder dystocia is occurring and often times these procedures are performed inaccurately or too late.

Cranial Nerve Trauma

Spinal Cord Trauma

Intracranial Hemorrhage



Causes Of Birth Injuries

Many types of birth injuries are preventable. As an example, Cerebral Palsy, one of the most common birth injuries, is the manifestation of a lack of sufficient oxygen to the fetus during labor. This lack of oxygen starts out as perinatal asphyxia. The prolonged lack of oxygen ultimately causes permanent brain tissue damage. The obstetrician team should be able to prevent this lack of oxygen by monitoring variations in the heart rate of the fetus during birth. Other types of birth injuries, such as fractures, paralysis and nerve trauma can be the end result of the doctor or healthcare practitioner being too rough during the birthing process. Some birth injuries, such as Shoulder Dystocia, are a result of the fetus being too large or awkwardly positioned in the uterus.

How An Orange County CA Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Where and how birth injury occurred dictates who is responsible or accountable for your injuries. Sometimes an insurance company is responsible as in an injury by an individual doctor in private practice. other times third party or corporate entities such as hospitals or health care organizations are responsible. Regardless, a Newport Beach California Birth Injury Lawyer can help you to acquire the full amount of financial compensation for your injuries based on pain and suffering, current medical expenses, future medical costs and rehabilitation.

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