One of the most important ways modern medicine can help us recover from disease is early diagnosis.  Early diagnosis of disease means an earlier opportunity to treat it.  When you seek medical attention, you expect that the people you see will do their jobs properly and will use the amount of care and skill required by the medical profession. Failure to diagnose a disease, or misdiagnosis of a disease, can enable the disease to progress unnecessarily, and that can narrow the options you have to get effective medical treatment.  In the worst cases, such as failure to diagnose cancer, the result can be fatal.

Some of the more commonly misdiagnosed illnesses are:

Heart Disease/Stroke

But there are many other illnesses that are easily diagnosed early and where late diagnosis can have disastrous consequences.

Failure to Accurately Diagnose a Disease

Misdiagnosing an illness, or failing to properly diagnose an illness can have severe consequences for patients and their families. When taking a patient’s history, a doctor may sometimes forget or neglect to order a necessary test that would have clearly indicated that a life threatening medical condition existed. We handled a case where a man over age 50 had been under the treatment of his family physician for over six years.  During those six years, he repeatedly complained of rectal bleeding.  During that entire time, the doctor prescribed hemorrhoid medications but never performed an examination or ordered a simple test to see why his patient was bleeding.  By the time the patient saw a TV commercial about the importance of screening for colon cancer, his colon cancer had progressed from something that was easily treatable to something much more severe.

In other cases the appropriate tests and lab work are ordered and performed but warning signs are overlooked, disregarded or misread. The results of these medical errors can be severe – sometimes fatal.

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