Pharmaceutical and Medication Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical companies in Orange County and around the country hold the responsibility of keeping those who use their products safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and accidents or dangerous side effects involving these medications are prevalent in the world of pharmaceutical drugs. The dangers surrounding these medicines are varied in severity, and they can range from risky or uncomfortable side effects to consequences that can prove fatal to those who take them.

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Class Action Lawsuits

Several different drugs have experienced class action lawsuits or lawsuits filed by those who have been injured or made ill from the medications in recent years. One notable mention is the cholesterol drug Lipitor, which has been threatened with a variety of lawsuits stemming from the discovery that it may cause type 2 diabetes in women who take the medication to lower their cholesterol levels. Produced by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Lipitor is the brand name version of a medication called atorvastatin, which prevents LDL cholesterol production in the liver. A recent study performed on women using the drug Lipitor has found that those between the ages of 50 and 79 become nearly 50% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who do not use the drug, prompting the FDA to issue an official warning about the medication and its newly found potential consequences.

Staying Safe when Taking Pharmaceutical Medications

One can prepare themselves to stay safe while taking these medications by making sure that they research each pharmaceutical medication or pill their doctor may prescribe, or those that they purchase over the counter in local drug stores. Often, on top of researching the listed side effects, also researching the drug more extensively can bring to light other side effects or consequences that the medication may bring, which can save a person from unnecessary harm while taking these drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies will often carry out testing on new drugs, and while these side effects may not appear during these test trials, they can begin to pop up once the pill, injection, or liquid medication is released to the public. These side effects can be ones that were thought to be less severe during the course of medical trials, or those that were hardly found in the trials at all, but the people taking these medications should be made aware of their right to compensation when experiencing these potentially dangerous effects.

It is important if a person is taking a medication and begins to experience unexpected or severe side effects, that they contact their doctor as quickly as possible to avoid more serious consequences. A doctor will be able to make the informed decision if a person should stop taking the drug, or if the side effect (if mild) should subside, allowing the patient to make a safe decision regarding their medication and their specific needs. If the side effects being experienced are particularly severe, contacting emergency services or getting to the hospital as quickly as possible is always recommended to ensure a person’s personal safety.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Lawsuit Settlements in Orange County

The settlements that people receive from pharmaceutical companies in the area of Orange County are as varied as the drugs and situations themselves. Pharmaceutical companies that have experienced these lawsuits recently have been forced to award millions of dollars to a plethora of different users of their drugs to compensate for any medical damages that they may have incurred, and this trend is as prevalent in Orange County as it is in the rest of the country.

Finding the Right Attorney can give a Person the Best Chance at a Fair Settlement

For those who have suffered at the hands of a prescribed or over the counter medication, it is important that they receive compensation for any damages, injuries, illnesses, or other complications they may have suffered due to the use of the product. Often, those who experience these unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects are taking the medications exactly as prescribed or directed, and still suffer the severe side effects of the drug, causing their situation to be of no fault of their own.

Finding the right attorney to represent one in court is the best way for these people to receive the proper compensation for their injuries, illnesses, or situations. These Orange County based lawyers who specialize in these types of cases will know the ins and outs of the state laws regarding these pharmaceutical companies and their responsibility to the safety of those who consume their products, allowing a person great representation when fighting for just compensation. An attorney will also be able to assess a personal situation involving a questionable medication and determine if the case will hold up in a court of law.