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Chances are if you recently became injured in an auto accident or other mishap, your top priority is to feel better and to receive just compensation for your injuries. This is your right as a victim of personal injury. A personal injury law firm in Orange County can help you with litigation and all the details needed to reach a settlement.

Beau James Nokes and Shari Elizabeth Nokes have practiced personal injury law in Orange County, California since 1985. They honed their skills at one of the most prestigious personal injury firms in California. Nokes & Nokes has the ability to take on even the largest cases, applying the years of experience both partners have representing plaintiffs in mass tort litigation, major products liability cases involving multinational corporations and catastrophic injury cases.

A knowledgeable and trustworthy personal injury attorney gives you the information and confidence you need to approach your injury settlement in Orange County confidently and bravely. Injury settlement in Orange County’s various cities and towns can be accomplished with the help of a lawyer who has handled similar cases and who has received favorable results in prior cases in the region.

Take the time to research your options and select a personal injury lawyer with a consistent record of success in settlements. It is important for your personal injury lawyer to have a clear understanding of injury law. An attorney with years of litigation experience recognizes the benefits of settlements and knows the right time to settle based on the details of your specific case.

At Nokes & Nokes, each client receives close, individual attention and each case is pursued with the intention of obtaining the best possible result for the client. Both partners are not only formidable litigators, they are also skilled negotiators.

We believe people and companies must be held accountable for their actions. We will help our injured clients get fair compensation and justice from those responsible for their injuries.

Types Of Cases We Handle

Contrary to popular belief, the number of Orange County personal injury lawsuits has fallen over the last few years. The trend is statewide. According to the California Judicial Council, the number of personal injury lawsuits seeking damages of $25,000.00 or more arising from motor vehicle accidents dropped from 91,000 in 1988-1989 to just over 42,000 a decade later.

Citing more than 240,000 yearly hospitalizations due to injury, the California Department of Health’s Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch reports that “injury is the number one killer and disabler of persons aged 1 to 44.”  Furthermore, 17,000 deaths occur annually in California due to injury. It is important to hire a personal injury attorney with a good reputation and a tireless commitment to handling your case through trial or settlement.

Personal Injury Laws in Orange County

Personal injury laws are generally governed by the state code. So while there may be local ordinances involving specific issues, injury law is fairly uniform throughout California. Your Orange County personal injury attorney can leverage existing statutes to work toward a successful settlement.

If you sustain a personal injury, make the search for the best Orange County personal injury law firms your top priority after gaining any needed medical attention. Finding a knowledgeable personal injury law firm with a proven record for success can be invaluable to the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit or claim.

Steps To Reach A Personal Injury Settlement in Orange County, California

In California, some steps should be taken to ensure an injured person is able to reach their desired settlement amount. Financial compensation through settlements are often needed to cover the expenses of medical bills and lost wages when an injury is suffered due to another person’s negligence, and these cases should be handled carefully so that a maximum settlement can be obtained to cover these costs.

Because these injuries can be so financially devastating to the person hurt, the process of winning a settlement case should be one that is well mapped out and prepared for. It is always recommended that Orange County residents seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in personal injury cases to ensure an injured person is able to truly make the most of their case.

Identifying Fault

The first step in building a personal injury case, aside from hiring a personal injury lawyer, is clearly identifying the person or people who are at fault. This will be the party that caused the accident, whether it is a property owner, driver, or company that manufactured a faulty product.

Outline Injuries

Next, a person will outline their specific injuries and how they may affect their future quality of life. Some things that should be considered are:

  • Ability to remain employed or obtain employment
  • A mental defect that is a result of the injury
  • The loss of current and future income due to the accident
  • Current and future emotional or mental stresses
  • Future life enjoyment

An injury can affect many aspects of a person’s life depending on the severity, and a person should consider all of the different facets of their life that may be affected by the injury when mapping out a settlement case. A personal injury lawyer can be a great deal of assistance during this portion of the settlement process specifically, as they are well versed in handling such cases and know which aspects of life a person should consider depending on their injury.

Calculate Settlement Amount

Next, the injured party should then calculate their desired settlement amount through careful mathematical work that considers all consequences of the injury. If the injured person is found to be completely not at fault for their situation they will use one of 3 methods in calculating their settlement:

  • Accidents with less severe injuries – Accidents that cause injuries which are less severe will be calculated by multiplying their out of pocket expenses by 1.5, and then adding in their lost wages.
  • Accidents with moderate to severe injuries – If the accident has cause moderate to severe injuries a person will take their out of pocket expenses and multiply them by 5, then add in their current and future lost wages.
  • Accidents resulting in very severe to devastating injuries – For serious accidents that result in very severe to devastating injuries a person will take their current and future medical expenses and multiply them by 10, then add in their current and future lost wages to the result.

The result of these calculations will be a desired settlement amount that covers lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering compensation after an auto accident that is found to be of no fault to the injured party in the state of California.

Personal injury settlements will most likely be given by an insurance company, meaning that insurance claims adjuster negotiations will then take place. The insurance claims adjuster will try to settle for the least possible settlement, and patience is necessary to ensure a fair amount of compensation.

The negotiations process can last for any amount of time, and often several offers are given by both parties before one is able to be agreed upon. Having an experienced injury attorney present for these negotiations can ensure that a person receives their maximum settlement amount

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It is as plain and simple as that. We have a very longstanding history of obtaining very favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients.

In addition, our clients are so pleased with the results we obtain for them that they commonly thank us not only for the services we provide and the results we obtain but also for the compassion and attention to detail we demonstrate on every case.

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