Underride Accidents

Every year throughout the state of California there are thousands of motor vehicle accidents on its roads, highway and interstates. Trucking accidents and other large commercial vehicle accidents are different than car accidents in many ways. One primary difference is the type of accidents commonly involving tractor trailers. A rear underride accident is a type of accident only associated with commercial vehicles and tractor trailers.

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Underride Accidents

An underride truck accident when a car rear ends the back of the tractor trailer. The car, depending on its size, essentially slides underneath the back of the truck. Even at relatively low speeds these types of accidents have an extremely high fatality rate. Even if the driver and passengers survive the crash there will most likely be permanent life altering injuries.

An underride accident in California can be caused by many factors. Most underride accidents can be avoided by paying attention to the road while driving, not following too close behind a truck, allowing for significant braking distance and having a properly maintained vehicle.

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