Category: Auto Accidents

Irvine CA Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of another party can have devastating effects. An injury can cause a person to miss work while accumulating lofty medical bills, a combination that causes dire financial stress for the injured person involved. These injuries can be the result of a number of different situations, but if negligence…

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Orange County Car Accident Explosions

Car Accident Explosion Lawyers Orange County California Often times in an auto accident, the injuries sustained can be debilitating, or lethal, even at lower speeds. A car accident that occurs at a low speed but can induce life threatening or deadly injuries is an explosion or car fire following the accident. You may very well…

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SUV Rollover Accidents

Frequently, when an car, truck or SUV rolls over during an accident it can be attributed to a vehicle design flaw. This is common in SUV Side Impact Collisions. SUV’s commonly rollover due to their high center of gravity. Due to the severe amount of force exerted at impact these types of accidents can induce…

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