Amusement Park Accident Attorney Orange County

Several thousand people a year are injured on amusement park rides, and injuries serious enough to require treatment at an emergency room have been increasing every year, according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, with young children more often the victims of unsafe rides.

Statistics show that roller coasters have a higher fatality rate then trains, buses and airplanes.

Injuries and deaths at amusement parks, theme parks and traveling carnivals can be the result of inadequate inspection or regulation by state and local authorities, inadequate warnings on the rides themselves, inadequate enforcement of rules by park staff, inadequate or failure by ride operators to provide proper warnings or instructions, inadequate training or supervision of ride operators and other staff, inadequate staffing, mechanical and design defects or failures, improper marketing or rides, inadequate security, and other negligent acts.

Because the federal government does not regulate fixed-site amusement parks, suits against amusement park operators, property owners, park architects and designers, maintenance contractors, equipment manufacturers, sellers and installers, and others are most often governed by state law.

Nokes & Nokes has specific experience representing victims of amusement park accidents. The firm’s attorneys have the skill and resources to investigate these often complex cases, determine all potentially liable parties, and ensure that clients get full compensation for their injuries.

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