Significant Cases

Significant Court Cases

Nokes & Nokes is proud of its work in successfully prosecuting cases on behalf of its injured clients. Some of the firms more significant cases involve the following:

  • Brain injury in pedestrian incident
  • Partial amputation of foot resulting from the improper guarding of a chain and sprocket mechanism on an amusement park ride
  • Two thirds of right index finger burned and subsequently amputated in a commercial ironing machine
  • Shattered kneecap resulting from a slip on theater marquee letters left on a sidewalk
  • Herniated cervical disc and partial paralysis on the right side resulting from a broken, improperly-maintained step in an apartment complex
  • Re-injury of the spine (lumbar disc) resulting from a chair collapse in a bar
  • Wrongful death of a patient resulting from the failure of emergency room personnel to provide oxygen
  • A cab driver who sustained a broken leg, brain damage and a concussion after he was pinned against the back of his cab by another driver.
  • A ruptured breast implant from a fall on the sidewalk
  • Amputation of fingertips in an industrial machine
  • Loss of an eye from a defective grinder disc.

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