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Nokes & Nokes was established in 1998 to serve clients who have been injured by someone else’s negligence, carelessness or wrongful conduct. The Orange County personal injury law firm has successfully resolved hundreds of product liability, auto accident, premises liability, accidental death, pharmaceutical and general negligence cases for its clients.

Nokes & Nokes Attorneys

Beau James Nokes and Shari Elizabeth Nokes have practiced personal injury law in Orange County, California since 1985. They honed their skills at one of the most prestigious personal injury firms in California. Nokes & Nokes has the ability to take on even the largest cases, applying the years of experience both partners have representing plaintiffs in mass tort litigation, major products liability cases involving multinational corporations and catastrophic injury cases.

At Nokes & Nokes, each client receives close, individual attention and each case is pursued with the intention of obtaining the best possible result for the client. Both partners are not only formidable litigators, they are also skilled negotiators.

We believe people and companies must be held accountable for their actions. We will help our injured clients get fair compensation and justice from those responsible for their injuries.

Nokes & Nokes’ contingent fee representation means a client will not pay attorney fees until we recover damages. Call 949-716-7200 for a free initial consultation.


Dear Beau, Many thanks for your legal talent, expertise and diligence regarding my case. I know my case was an uphill battle, complicated and the addition of the VA in the mix made it more so. Also appreciate your extra negation on my debts to VA…I fell a great respect and a fellowship with you and Shari regarding to fight to cure cancer….I would like to give you something I made for Shari as a token of appreciation…We will be most happy to send business your way (and they will be lucky to have you).

Shari: Thanks for your legal expertise on my behalf! It is appreciated!

Dear Beau and Shari, …wanted you to know how very much we appreciate all you did for [our son]. All your hard work, and care will never be forgotten. Thank you so very much!

Shari, It has been a pleasure meeting you. Want to thank you for you help and certainly your persistence in this matter. Wishing you the very best and good health.

Thank you for all your hard work and persistence in getting us the best settlement.

Shari and Julie, A note of appreciation for all that you have done concerning the p.I. case…You are extremely kind and professional, Many blessings.

Mr. and Mrs. Nokes, Thank you so much for the good work you did on my case. It was very appreciated. Also a good thank to Julie. Love Merci beaucoup

Shari- Thank you so much for your hard work on my case! The settlement money will be life changing…..I really appreciate it-thank you again….

Shari & Beau Thank you for your kindness and help. I hope nothing but wonderful things and happiness come your way. God bless you and your staff…

Dear Shari & Beau…for the high road traveled zealously and well….

Beau & Shari, I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for your hard work and dedication to my cause. It is the reason I was able to complete my journey to peace of mind. With all of my heart I sincerely thank you.

Beau, Thank you for all your hard work with my lawsuit. I really appreciate all your support. Your office is very unique as they are all down to earth and also very supportive. I appreciate all the work everyone has done ..

Blessings to you for all you do

Dear Shari and Beau: …THANK YOU for all your hard work on our case over the last two and half years. …you always kept us well informed and your willingness to go to trial for us during the holidays…I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone that is in need of a well qualified and hard working and professional attorney.

Dear Shari & Beau, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me with the dog case. I appreciate everything you did and you did an extraordinary job. You guys are the best!!!...

My husband and I found ourselves( at the ages of 70 and 80) in a very frightening situation, involving a car accident where we had unintentionally been without insurance. We were strangers to the area. I looked up lawyers and choose Beau Nokes. What a skilled and wonderful attorney we found in Mr.Nokes . He has been the best attorney I’ve ever known or worked with. He had our best interest at heart every step of our journey and with his attention to every detail of the law we were saved financially and emotionally. I recommend Beau with no hesitation. He is the BEST.

Judy P.

In February 2012, I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a multi-car accident. I just had recently moved into the area, so I didn’t know where to turn. I Googled “injury attorney” and was lucky enough to come across Nokes & Nokes website in the results. Both my insurance company and that of the other party refused to pay out, even though I had suffered significant injuries and wasn’t at fault for the accident. Infinity Insurance offered only excuses, saying that the driver at fault didn’t have significant enough coverage to pay me. Beau was on my side, fighting for me and getting me my first payout check just months after the treatment.The check, unfortunately, didn’t cover the cost of all my treatments and losses. Luckily, I had Beau on my side. After fighting with Farmers Insurance, I did receive the payout I deserved. I have to commend Beau on the level of professionalism displayed during the entire ordeal. We had to endure deposition and arbitration, and Farmers even had a doctor testify. With years of experience, Beau was able to demonstrate his skills and convince the arbitrator to make a decision in my favor. I felt confident throughout the process due to the high amount of skill and professionalism, which made everything easier for me to handle.Thanks to Beau, I was able to pay my doctor and have some excess as a safety net for future treatments that I may require. I strongly feel that where other services would give up, Beau was there, pursuing the second insurance company to get me the payout I deserved. I couldn’t be more grateful for the assistance and miraculous results Beau afforded me. Thank you, Beau, for all you’ve done for me.

Jeff Goldin

Dear Shari & Beau, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me with the dog case. I appreciated everything you did and you did an extraordinary job. You guys are the best!!! Thank you again.

JCindy Davis

Beau & Shari, I was very pleased with the representation I received from Nokes and Nokes law firm. They really fought hard for me and at the same time treated me as a good friend. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and all the time and hard work they put into it. I would Definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you again for all your hard work on my behalf in settling my case to a happy conclusion.

Karen Moynihan

Beau, when our eldest was finishing a season as a under 12 soccer player (AYSO) a few years ago, he was in a hard played championship game, 1 – 1, 4th quarter. His team left a hole in their defense, and an opponent took the ball near, about to score. Suddenly, Kenneth was running along side him. Before the opponent could kick it into the net, Kenneth left-kicked it clear. A crucial save, and soon, victory. Your sage effort with AAA, getting them to go against company policy and settle reasonably, reminded me of Kenneth’s successful intervention near the soccer goal. Bravo, and best wishes for the future!

R. S. Millar

I was very pleased with the professionalism, willingness to resolve the issues during an involved and emotionally difficult case. Mine was a very personal, complicated and time consuming case that involved every aspect of my life emotionally and professionally. Beau and Shari were always focused on my best interest and maintained continuous communication with me. Their prompt response to situations, professional demeanor, and genuine concern kept me at ease throughout. Not only was the outcome favorable, but because of you two I was able to have peace of mind. It is very comforting to have attorneys whom you can trust during what was typically a personal and life altering event. I sincerely recommend Beau and Shari Nokes. It felt I was dealing with a good friend the entire time. Thank you again for everything.

Tracy V.

In the twinkling of an eye my life was changed forever and I needed help. I was told that Nokes & Nokes offered more than 2 decades of the highest integrity, honesty, professional experience and legal expertise. But I discovered so much more. They were ever mindful of my physical and emotional condition, new limitations, and their representation of my case was superior. Not only was my dignity restored, but I found that their respectful efforts for each client is sincere, compassionate and committed to securing the immediate and future needs of each one of us as individuals. No one is exempt from an unforeseen occurrence. As for my time of crisis, I will be forever grateful that Beau & Shari Nokes were there for me.

S.V. Webb

I have nothing but praise for the way Shari Nokes handled by case. She kept me well informed and was always available to me for questions. I have much to be thankful for in retaining Shari as my legal counsel.

S. Lobue

On January 07, 2006, I, Tina Anguiano, was involved in a major rear end collision which resulted in serious injuries. Because I did not cause the accident, I assumed I would not need a lawyer, and the insurance adjuster would fairly settle my case because I was in good hands. When I attempted to settle my case on my own, I thought I had all the materials necessary to support my receiving a reasonable settlement. I had acquired $30,000 in medical treatments; however, not knowing the legal procedures made dealing with the adjuster very difficult and stressful.The adjuster offered me $17,000 to settle. When I explained why I disagreed with his decision, he said I had the option of hiring a lawyer, but that no lawyer would accept my case and if a lawyer did accept the case $17,000 would still be the highest amount that would be offered. During this same phone conversation the adjuster said that if the case went to court, they would disclose all of my medical records (even records about a pap smear, which had nothing to do with the car accident) and the jurors would not be sympathetic towards me. This made me feel manipulated, embarrassed and violated.Since I was being pressured to settle for an amount that I considered unfair, I decided to consult a personal injury attorney to discuss my issues.I was extremely fortunate and thankful that Shari Nokes accepted my case.Nokes & Nokes has been priceless to my case. Shari and Beau are trustworthy, proficient; they are have years of experience in their field. They were always interested in my case. They familiarized themselves with all the details of my case, and properly handled it by making excellent recommendations.Before the lawsuit was even filed, Shari maintained frequent contact and I was kept up to date on all court arrangements and outcomes. Every phone call and every email was answered. My case was extremely strong because my attorney devoted lots of time and energy to it.I will forever be grateful for the hard work and time that was put towards my case. It was amazing to see how knowledgeable my attorney was about the specifics of my case.When my lawsuit was filed, Shari and Beau were opposed by a number of defense attorneys. I felt like my case was made stronger because my attorneys were confident, aggressive, and did extensive research on every issue.During these difficult and emotional times my attorneys were my closest advisors; They were aggressive towards the defense attorneys, but understanding, and patient towards me. They made me feel comfortable during our sit-downs when we discussed my case. They were available 24/7 to answer my questions. Once on a Sunday evening, I called panicky, scared & emotional because I realized I was being followed by someone from the defense. My attorney calmed me down and advised me on the best possible solution.During the trial of my case Beau was active, knowledgeable, and interested. He listened; he wrote down every detail, and he built a very strong case.Nokes & Nokes made all the right decisions and they got me a reimbursement that was beyond my wildest dreams. The total judgment payoff for my case was $143,501.27 which is $126,501.27 more than what I was offered by the Allstate adjuster.After we won the court battle and we were walking out of the courtroom, the defense attorney acknowledged my attorney’s high level of expertise by telling me that I had a great attorney.

Tina Anguiano

I first came in contact with Nokes & Nokes Law Firm a few years ago. After being told by a couple of attorneys that I didn’t have a case. Or that the Company that produced the defective product which caused my injury was too big. And that it would cost too much to go to trial.I met with Beau and Shari Nokes, and they assured me that I had a good case. They told to be honest and forthright with them, which helped with building a strong case for my injury. Plus having a contingent fee basis really helped me financially, as I was out of work for nine months. I was very impressed with all the time and hard work and personal attention they spent on my case.In the end they got me a settlement for far more than I expected. I hope I don’t have another situation where I need their services. But I would certainly give them call in a heartbeat if I did.

Mr. Gary Stuart

Shari, I want you and everyone to know how much I truly appreciate the legal services you provided for me. I have been burned more than once by the legal profession for large sums of money but with you I got legal services that truly cared and that treated me like family. God bless you must be one of God’s chosen people to help us regular everyday people

D. D. Jackson, III

I was extremely fortunate to have Shari Nokes represent me after I was injured in an automobile accident.Shari's integrity, her intelligence, her experience and drive are very impressive. Equally important is the fact that Shari is empathetic towards her clients and their situation. I was just as pleased with her staff.Words cannot express my great-fulness and satisfaction.I highly recommend Shari to anyone in need of legal representation in the area of her practice.Shari-Again, many, many thanks to you. The sun is shining brighter.

Andrea Dargin

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me the past 9 months. There is a lot on my mind and I don’t know that I can articulate it all in the proper way but I think you know how truly grateful I am at this point. Having you by my side this past year has been an honor and a blessing. Thank you for everything and I mean everything. The hard work, the calls, the emails, the updates, making sure I saw the best doctors and received the best care for my injuries, and for simply sticking with me to the end. I am very appreciative of it all.You mentioned that I was the perfect client (not sure about that J ) but I always felt you were the perfect attorney for me. Thank you for being so patient and so nice to me. Everyone in your office was courteous and professional at all times which was really wonderful. Just a really great group of people to work with from the top down. I am a “people person” so the blessing in all of this for me has been meeting so many great people. It has been the best part for me for sure.So…’s been an interesting 9 months. I have learned a lot. The settlement for me I feel is very good. I’m very pleased that you worked as hard as you did to get everyone paid in a fair way. I know I had the best attorney doing the best job so that is really all that matters to me.I will never forget all your good deeds Mr. Nokes. No goodbyes from me…..just my sincere appreciation for a job well-done.-All the best to you always,


Dear Beau,I am sending this to acknowledge and extend my truest appreciation for your help during my recent issue with an accident I had experienced. You went way beyond your direct involvement to provide me with information and direction that allowed me to achieve the best possible outcome and resolution regarding this matter.You and your firm are without question one of the finest and most Honorable Legal Corporations I have ever come in contact with. In today's world your firm is the type of organization an individual hopes to find, and seldom doesFor anyone who might be reading this, be it known, Nokes & Nokes is the type of organization that puts your well being First and goes above and beyond what you would expect until a resolution is reached. If you are hoping to find an organization with the highest level of Honor, Integrity, Principles, Distinction, and Legal Discipline to represent you, Nokes and Nokes IS the Legal organization you want on your side!I would recommend Nokes & Nokes to anyone who has a legal matter and is looking for the best possible representation. Even if their area of expertise is not one that would best serve your legal needs, by seeing them first they can, if needed, direct you to the legal organization that would best serve your needs.Beau, Thank you again for all you've done to help me through my legal issue.Sincerely,

Manny Favela

I was referred to Shari and Beau by a family friend, and I had a better experience than I could have hoped for. Shari worked with me and kept me in the loop, and explained everything well. I was very pleased with my outcome. Thank you Shari!

Katie S.

I have used Shari and boe for a slip and fall case and I had the best experience! They are very kind compassionate. They are amazing at stating their cases with the best interests at heart. I recommend them above all!!

Aja H.

I have been a client of Beau Nokes since 2004 to present . I found Mr. Nokes firm to have experienced knowledge in personal injury cases. Beau Nokes handled my case in a timely manner always informing me of the status and trying my case individually. He has shown great professional knowledge and sincere honesty with great integrity . I would like to highly recommend Mr.Nokes firm to all my family and friends. A special Thank you to them for caring and going beyond my expectations. Sincerely Mr &Mrs Derik Dufrane

Crystal D.

I am very pleased with the results from my case and would highly recommend. Shari kept fighting for me even when I was ready to give up. I hope I never need them again, but if I did they would be my first call. Honest and good communication even during COVID.

Lori D.

I was so lucky to find Shari and Julie at Nokes & Nokes law. I had a slip-and-fall injury at a apartment complex, and due to the probability of a low payout I was unable to find a lawyer that would help me. That's when I found Shari. She met with me in person and after I explained my situation she took on my case. Despite it being dragged out by the other party she stuck by me the entire time. In the end got a resolution that I was happy with. Ultimately after the commitment and time that her and her staff put into my case I would have been happy with nothing. She listened and fought for me validating the pain and problems that were a result of my accident. THANK YOU!


Shari is an absolutely outstanding trial attorney. She first handled a case for me 11 years ago and with success. Through the years I have referred friends to her law firm and they have been extremely pleased with the caring and conscientious handling of their cases. A few years back I had a case involving a defective product which her husband, Beau Nokes, handled. The settlement amount allowed me to pay off the mortgage on my house. If you want positive results then hire either Shari or her husband, Beau. Just a few days ago Shari settled a Personal Injury case for more than double the amount I had hoped for. This husband and wife team are truly exceptional and I should know because I am a Law School Graduate with a Juris Doctorate. Through the years I have come in contact with many attorneys and Shari and Beau are a blessing to everyone they meet. I would rate Beau and Shari with 10+++ Stars.

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