Medication Error Attorney Orange County

When a healthcare provider or medical professional prescribes or administers medication to you, your child, a family member or a loved one, you assume that the medication is being prescribed or administered correctly.  You trust your healthcare providers, as well as their staff members, to pay attention to detail on every level. They usually do, and all goes well. However, sometimes even very experienced and cautious medical professionals make mistakes. There are several types of medication errors.  Failure to administer the proper dosage is among the most common.  This can be the result of an error on the part of a prescribing physician or on the part of a pharmacist filling a prescription.  Another error involves administering the wrong medication. This can also result from a mistake on the part of a prescribing doctor or a mistake on the part of a pharmacist.

Types Of Medication Errors

There are a many different ways you can be injured, or even killed as a result of a medication error.  They include:

Incorrect Or Inaccurate Dosage
Incorrect Medication
Allergic Reaction To Medication
Pharmacy Mistakes

Common Reasons For Medication Errors

A good way to prevent a medication error is to get a full, thorough and complete medical history of the patient. Part of this screening process involves determining if the patient is allergic to any drugs, compounds or medications. Even though a rigorous screening is completed there are still several ways a medication error can occur. Illegible handwriting, incorrect use of medical terminology or shorthand can cause medication errors. Giving too much medication and giving the wrong medication are also common mistakes that can result in medication error injuries. If your healthcare provider is intoxicated, under the influence of medication, or has another impairment (such as fatigue) at time medication is given or prescribed, that may also lead to a medication error. The incidence of healthcare providers who self medicate and/or are addicted to drugs and medications is on the rise in our society today. A skilled and qualified Lawyer can help determine the cause of your medication error and make sure your rights are protected.  A skilled and qualified Orange County Medication Error Lawyer will also work to identify any and all liable parties so they can be held legally accountable for your injuries.

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