Newport Beach Car Accident Lawyers

Have you been the victim of a car, motorcycle or trucking accident in Newport Beach, California? If so call the Newport Beach car accident lawyers at Nokes & Nokes.

Car accidents are often stressful and sometimes traumatizing experiences no matter where they occur, and this certainly applies to those that occur in Newport Beach CA. A car accident can cause injuries from the minor to the severe, and these injuries will often lead to expensive medical bills as well as costly vehicle repairs.

It is estimated that 2 million people each year are injured or killed in a car accident, and the car accident injuries and fatalities experienced in Newport Beach certainly contribute to this number. If a person finds themselves in the situation of a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver on the road, they are often entitled to compensation to cover all related expenses. Speaking with an experienced Newport Beach CA car accident attorney is a wise move as it will ensure your legal rights are protected.

Newport Beach Car Accidents and Compensation

Those that are involved in an accident that was deemed to be not of any fault of their own are often entitled to many different types of compensation. In the state of California an accident victim can receive a financial settlement that covers:

  • •          Current medical bills
  • •          Pain and suffering compensation
  • •          Future medical bills related to accident injuries
  • •          Lost wages
  • •          Repair costs for the vehicle
  • •          Medical equipment cost reimbursement if equipment is found to needed as a result of the injury

The costs and lost wage amounts when an accident occurs can pile up quickly, and these amounts carry numbers that show the amount of financial stress that an accident victim can find themselves under. An accident that results in an injury will often require hospitalization and repeated medical treatments in order to achieve a full recovery, and these medical bills alone can amount into the thousands. In the state of California, medical bills are often covered 100% in many car accident settlement cases.

Calculating Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is another type of compensation that a person can receive after a car accident, and calculating an appropriate pain and suffering amount will take some math. A person must first take their out of pocket expenses such as medical bills and wages lost, add them together, and then multiply them by an appropriate multiplier variable. This multiplier will range from 1.5 to 4, and the multiplier that is decided to be appropriate will depend on the entire situation surrounding the case. The number that is reached after multiplying the out of pocket expenses will then be the pain and suffering amount.

If a recovery took an extended period of time, the injuries were particularly severe, or the accident was the result of extreme neglect such as drunk driving or aggressive driving, a multiplier will be on the higher end of the scale. If the accident caused a more minor injury, or the circumstances surrounding the accident were less extreme, the multiplier will be set at the lesser end. A car accident attorney will be able to help a person to determine their most appropriate multiplier variable for their situation.

For example, if a person was injured in an accident and their medical bills added to an amount of $1,000, while their missed wages added another $1,000, their out of pocket expenses would equal to be $2,000. The accident was the result of another driver who disobeyed traffic laws and was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision, and because of this the multiplier that was chosen was 3. The injured person would then ask for $6,000 in compensation for pain and suffering, as this amount equals their out of pocket expenses multiplied by 3.

According to California personal injury law, victims of Newport Beach CA car accidents may be entitled to pain and suffering in many cases of car accident injuries as long as they are not deemed at fault for the accident. Having a car accident lawyer serving the Newport Beach area on your side is a wise move. They will make sure your rights are protected and that you get any and all medical benefits and forms of financial compensation you are entitled to.

Settlement Negotiations with an Insurance Company

If a person who is injured in an accident is negotiating their settlement amount with an insurance company, they must remain mindful of several factors. The most important of these is that they will be negotiating with a claims adjuster whose role is simply to save the insurance company money from large settlements. Due to this, the adjuster will try to settle for a bare minimum amount, but it is the task of the injured person to negotiate with the adjuster to agree on a number that is closer to their own estimate. A good trick to use is to put out an initial desired amount that is around 25% more than the amount a person wishes to receive, as this will give them some extra room while negotiating with the adjuster.

In order to obtain a sufficient settlement, it is crucial that the injured person carefully saves and organizes any and all documentation related to the accident and their expenses. This will include police reports, medical bills, and proof of lost wages, as these documents will be used as evidence that the injured person is entitled to the amount they wish to receive.

The assistance of a Newport Beach area car accident lawyer is optimal in situations of car accident settlements, as these professionals will be able to aid a person in all steps of the negotiation process. Car accident lawyers are well versed in the settlement and car accident laws in the state of California and the presence of a car accident lawyer may cause insurance companies to give more reasonable offers during the course of the negotiation process. During negotiation, a car accident lawyer will be able to use all facts and figures related to the accident to ensure that an appropriate settlement is reached.

To learn more about any benefits you may be entitled to contact the Newport Beach Car Accident Attorneys at Nokes & Nokes. They have a long history of obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts for their many satisfied clients.